Acne scars (gelatine prosthetics)

Period hair and make-up

Gelatine nose, 1920s

Painting of silicone pregnant bellies and hands

Hair work

"Plötzlich 70" (TV Film)
Silicone running (for TC)

Foam latex Make-up

Masks (Theatre)

Puppets (Theatre)
Painting (for Hagen Tilp)


"Plötzlich fett" (TV Film), Fat make-up
Silicone running, pre-painting (for Dennis Penkov/ Barney Nicolic)

"Odins Daughters" (Documentary)
Throat cut, Transfer-Tattoo

Caesarean section stitches (around 1800 A.D.)
Painting of silicone piece

Skin (Vitiligo, Hemangioma, Hematoma)

"Als wir träumten" (Cine Film)
Prosthetics make-up application with Tamar Aviv (for TC)

Fat make-up (Music Video)

Klingon forehead (Commercial)

"Von Fall zu Fall - Stubbe - Mordfall Maria" (TV Film)
(Application of autopsy stitches, purplish mottling discoloration of the skin, puncture site)

"Salomeas nose" (Short Film)
Silicone noses (for TC)

"Midden in De Winternacht" (Cine Film)
Animatronic moose, different work steps (for effektstudion)

Old-age Make-up (with Maike Heinlein)

"Es kommt noch dicker" (TV Series)
Silicone running (for TC)

"Kingdom of Sports - Fat kills" (TV Commercial)
Bullet hole